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Website of is an online dating site, wherein members from different areas try to find dating partners, based on an online platform. When you choose to use the services provided by this site, it is binding on the users to agree to the terms and conditions laid down by the site, regarding the use and information. These terms of use can be changed by the site at any time and without limitations and can deny any person to have access to the portal or membership. So, when you are becoming a member or visiting the site for free online dating, it is necessary to be aware about the different terms and conditions of using the portal and going through the process of seeking dating partners in an informed manner.


  • Adults permitted for dating:

Only people above the age of 18 years are allowed to access the site and hence, it is up to the users to ascertain that they use the dating site as per their discretion. It will not be the responsibility of the site for wrong information submitted regarding the age and as and when such information is detected, there shall be cessation of use of the site.



  • Acceptance of the terms of agreement:

When you visit the site or choose to become members, it is automatically intended that you bind by the electronically posted rules and regulations. This kind of binding extends to the information provided and the materials and contents posted in the portal. The terms of use are provided in an electronic form, which is applicable on accessing the site and also after membership.


Those who want can receive the non-electronic copy of agreement, if they contact us for the same.

In case you wish to terminate the agreement or withdraw the consent to the terms of use, the current username and password would be withdrawn by us. This means that you would no longer be able to access our services of free online dating or search the members registered thereof.


  • Membership and fee:

Becoming a member of the HomeDatingNetwork is quite simple and doesn’t require any remittance. Under the free dating services, you will be able to access some of the features, while the others will require you to become subscriber. Such actions have been undertaken to validate the use of the special services and protect the privacy of many other members as well as your information.


On becoming a member, you can use the services offered by us, but it shall not extend towards using the membership towards some commercial purposes. Unauthorised or illegal collection of usernames and passwords is punishable and it will also include actions taken in case of complaints from any members.


  • Privacy and security issues:

Although, we have taken full responsibility and care to protect the identity and information of the members, personal contents and exchange of information is not the propriety of HomeDatingNetwork. The site shall not or cannot be held responsible for any damages arising out of the meetings or relationships of the individual members. Messages and contents posted by you can be reviewed and checked by the site, in case of reports of misuse and this is included under the acceptance of terms of agreement.


Based on the terms of use, the members are requested to maintain the discipline and sanctity of our noble endeavour and enjoy the dating features to their personal advantages. It should be your responsibility to make the site free of any repressible contents or other harassing features and bring about hassle free dating relationships.