jma325: Both Pandemic and BioWare are at theforefront of development

Both Pandemic and BioWare are at theforefront of development

Aug 26 2015 at 02:43am

At any timeduring the campaign,a FIFA player can choose to explore one of these planets andhave an opportunity to discover new alien life,resources,ruined civilizationsand powerful technologies.Jade Empire(TM) Jade Empire is the award winningaction RPG created by BioWare Corp.the commercially and critically acclaimedRPG developer of Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights of the OldRepublic.Originally released for the Xbox console,Jade Empire delivers anincredible story driven game play experience with stunning high resolutiongraphics and controls optimized for the PC gaming experience.Step into the roleof an aspiring martial arts master and follow the path of the Open Palm or theClosed Fist.In this critically acclaimed action RPG,your choices and actionswill determine the fate of the entire Jade Empire.Will you prevent thedestruction of this beautiful land,or will you crush it beneath your heel?Destroy All Humans!(TM) 2 As a sequel to the widely acclaimedhit,Destroy All Humans! 2 takes the brand's irreverent Sci Fi action gamingexperience into theĀ  ut coins swinging sixties with new and improved game features,open world gameplay and co op multiFIFA player.Set against a backdrop of free love,the Cold War and other 60's era icons,DAH 2 takes FIFA players around the world withan upgraded arsenal of weapons and enhanced mental abilities to battle a varietyof enemies from secret agents and giant creatures,to Soviet Forces and alienwarriors.Both Pandemic and BioWare are at theforefront of development for next generation consoles,with each taking a uniqueapproach to creating critically acclaimed titles.By harnessing the power thatthese consoles provide,both studios are showcasing the best of whatnext generation FIFA games can offer,whether it is recreating the feel of livinginside a massive science fiction universe or taking the concept of freedom anddestruction to new heights.


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