chrisema: It’s fair to say their are some keen gamers on social media

It’s fair to say their are some keen gamers on social media

Jan 12 2015 at 08:55pm

Monday evening sees the Ballon D’Or awarded to the best football player in the world, as well as the announcement of the World Team of the Year.

This is all very exciting for football fans, but FIFA fanatics are pretty keen to know the World XI line-up too, as it will be released into FIFA 15 within the Ultimate Team section of the game. As a fun, you first show your love about FIFA 15 with many FIFA 15 coins to play FIFA 15.




Ultimate Team is where gamers buy packs of players as cards in order to create their perfect starting 11. The players within a pack are random so there is an element of luck to it. They’re usually ranked gold, silver and bronze – but Team of the Year (TOTY) players are blue, and receive a huge form boost for making it into TOTY. In short, they’re the players you want.

So FIFA fans have been saving up their in-game currency in order to go pack-buying crazy when the team begins to appear this evening, in the hope of landing some blue cards. It’s fair to say their are some keen gamers on social media right now.


Super interested to see who gets in the midfield for TOTY

— Jarrad (@JarradHD) January 12, 2015

Toty Day, oh toty daaaay, ohhh toty daaay

— BunyTuber (@BunyTuber) January 12, 2015

Merry TOTY!


Morning buddies. Happy TOTY day! Have a good one 😎

— LA5TY (@la5ty) January 12, 2015

This is it. The big day. Team of the year baby! I wonder how many I will pack this year? I think 7………. yeah I'll go with seven. #TOTY

— JΛY BUCKS (@TheMasterBucks) January 12, 2015

Blue Monday! World XI revealed at tonight's FIFA Ballon D'Or Gala. #TOTYlaunch time revealed soon after. Stay tuned!


Getting your hands on some of the much-coveted blue cards is a big deal, and given that Ultimate Team does have a stock market aspect to it (in that player values go up and down), getting some blue in a pack can be highly lucrative. In the past, cards and packs have found their way onto sites like eBay as gamers look to complete the set, or make a fast buck.


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