chrisema: Give you New Career With The Houston Dynamo

Give you New Career With The Houston Dynamo

Jan 8 2015 at 09:29pm

As the off-season continues to drag on for Major League Soccer fans, it’s only natural that fans would turn to simulators to help fill the void. I’ve always been a huge FIFA series fan who must have many FIFA 15 coins to be ready for fight, owning many titles in the series. Now that the latest copy is in my hands, I figured I’d go ahead and play my favorite mode, Career Mode, in the hopes of leading the Dynamo to more glory than they saw in 2014.


This will strictly be a manager mode. I’ll set the rosters, make transfers and what have you but won’t be participating in the matches. In this way it’ll mimic more what the others are doing with the Football Manager series. I know there are several ways to easily increase the budget as well and none of those will be used. This is strictly a straight up career. So, without further adieu, let’s get on with the show!

As I take over the reigns of the Houston Dynamo, the board gives me two objectives right off the bat: reach the quarter-final in the US Open Cup and qualify for the playoffs. Doesn’t sound too tough a job, but then I glance at the roster and there’s a lot of work to do. Also waiting in my e-mail is a message from my Head Scout, Taylor Johannsson informing me that there is a severe weakness in central midfield and he already has some options lined up.

What jumps out right off the bat is the weakness in central defense more than midfield to me, though. For some reason Garrido isn’t listed as a squad player while Torres and Rodriguez, along with Inkoom, Sturgis and Willis, are. Weird. With that in mind I go ahead and set up my team sheet as is, with Lopez partnering alongside Clark and Torres up top with Barnes, pushing Bruin to the bench.


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