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marlboro lights carton the wolf

Mar 9 2016 at 02:34am
Wolf culture
"Wolf culture", that is, in a group, the establishment of full of "Wolf" features ideals, beliefs and values, and thus the formation of this group full of "Wolf" feature of collective behavior; the so-called "Wolf" feature, which can be summed up in three: highly sensitive sense of smell marlboro menthol, efficient collaboration teamwork, selfless spirit.
First, the dedication. Wolves always firmly fixed on a target, perseverance, and to reach the goal don't give up. "Seven wolves" cigarettes smoking remain such a persistent, insisting on the "supremacy of national interests, the interests of consumers first" as a fundamental starting point and end-result of all the work; adhere to serve the country above all else, marlborocigarettesprice we strive for the country to make contributions through reform and development, support for nation-building; adhere to promote social progress, implementation and realization the responsibility and mission of "taking from society, return to society,"; adhere to the people-oriented, and firmly establish the dominant position of employees, as Staff provide a platform for a successful career.
Second, sharp. Wolves have keen eyesight, resourceful. "Seven wolves" cigarettes remain as sharp as marlboro lights carton the wolf, with the sensitive "smell" to observe everything around, to keep attention on the international and domestic environment, remain highly sensitive to market dynamics, keeping tobacco macro situation and buy cigarettes online brand development trend in-depth analysis, strategic thinking and improve height, improve management, preventive measures.
Third, solidarity. Wolves seldom spotted "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" alone, always fighting as a team, the wolves are the animal kingdom's most organized group discipline. "Seven wolves" marlboro blue cigarettes remain innovative thinking, the management of science and art combine to maximize teamwork effect, so that the entire enterprise dramatic "chemical reaction", the combination of group strength and wisdom to enhance the overall quality of enterprises to promote the level of team-building.
Fourth, to fight. "Sail against the current, fall behind". In the fierce market environment, "seven wolves" cheapest cigarettes always maintain a strong fighting spirit, because any complacency, and just the thought will become the root of ruin future business. Only staff always kept struggling passion, enterprises can toward highly efficient, energetic direction of sustainable development.
Old knife cigarettes smokers outlet is one of the first cigarette was introduced to China, in the Republic of China, it is well-known cigarette brand, newports and "Hartmann", "big front door", "three forts" and newport cigarettes carton price par. During the Anti-Japanese War and the War of Liberation, often used as a contact code, the old knife cigarettes can also be seen in some related film and television anyway. Old knife brand cigarettes originally produced by the British huier company. The rise and decline of a hundred years of history, brand name and nature of several of the old knife cigarettes changes sereral times, let its brand has unique historical value and collection value.
Using scientific formula, the use of new materials, special silk technology, effectively reducing the tar, low tar content makes delicate smoke flavor and moist, soft low-harm; treasure cost of cigarettes led master recipe design, combined with a leading bio-technology complement incense, stripping out the rich nuances, meticulous long, making incense smoke purer aroma fuller, smoking products easier, better satisfaction.


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