TamamShamoon: Things made me quit this Awesome game after reaching level 15

Things made me quit this Awesome game after reaching level 15

Jan 21 2016 at 01:58am

Dungeons loot system enough said: really i MEAN Buy Blade And Soul Gold really you want us to bid on items with our in-game money i would understand if we were higher levels but making low levels bid their coppers wasting alot of time in this dungeon .
person one bids 1 copper
person 2 bids 2 copper
ends loop till our 1 silver is gone
problem is this loot system is stupid , just make it loot with random number like 99% of the games
low level leechers joining higher level dungeons being useless all time and dying alot, i was level 15 joined level 20ish dungeon and i was useless all time , low dmg dying alot

That's some good feedback! yea dude, i felt the same way after I ran my first couple dungeons, some guy who apparently had a lot more money than us just constantly kept outbidding us until everyone else couldn't bid higher, which was at around 2 silvers or so HEHE ;-) This is the fun part of noobing it out tho, and after completing the quest lines, I was receiving all the possible loots I could've gained from the dungeons anyways. Have you tried joining a guild? That way you guys can hand out the gears you need accordinly. Seems like you can work your way of of your so called" misery" by leveling further and looking into clans with like minded people.

Why it is stupid, i made 50 silver just from air on Geo and 1 gold on Daesung. It is better than the system when a guy with better pings collects all drops. All normal clans in MMORPG use similar system. 1 guy take drops than auction and the bids are divided between others.
You have nothing to do in lvl 20 dungeon with lvl 15 char. 2 lvl lower minimum. So lvl 18 an higher. Did you know that before killing the boss automatic quest starts that gives you random reward every time? You just need to take Cheap Blade And Soul Gold it by clicking in quest log from you right before u leave dungeon. U can get many stuff in 2 dungeons near craft village just by passing them 3-5 times.


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