TamamShamoon: Pet System and New Dungeon of MapleStory 2

Pet System and New Dungeon of MapleStory 2

Jan 18 2016 at 03:52am

Early today the Korean server of MapleStory 2 received a big update. In this update, a brand new pet system has been added into the game. Currently there are 3 pets, which are penguin, dog and dragon. These pets can not only give their owners a 5% move speed boost, but also have 4 other skills, which are character revive, picking up items, taking medicine automatically and adding 5 points to physical and magic attack.

Meanwhile, a new high-level dungeon has also been added into the game in this update. It's a 10-man dungeon for the players whose level is higher than level 50. The final boss in this dungeon is Barkhant the "God of Darkness", who will not only drop the best defense items, but also drop the materials to craft the best new "Indestructible" series of weapons.

To celebrate the launch of this update, the official team has also prepared several events. Stay tuned for the update in English server.

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