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Bike Fitting is the synchronization of a rider and their bicycle to achieve the most efficient, comfortable, safe and powerful riding position. A proper bike fit can completely change the way you sit, ride your cycle and change your cycling positions.
A proper bike-fit can:
• revamp your position and get a faster ride for the same effort
• increase your comfort and ride longer
• reduce and prevent unnecessary strain on your knees, back, arms and rule out injuries
For a proper bike fit; one must understand stamina, body physique, and cycling goals. Through the process, you and your bike fitter will be able to determine the possibilities of what works best for your body and create a marvelous cycling experience.
Every rider is different and the bike fitter must understand this and use it to personalize your cycle fit experience. Body type, age, gender, flexibility, skeletal structure, injuries and fitness levels are the factors that differentiate one cycle fit from another and therefore no fit is the same for everyone.
An accurate bike fit Nottingham will help improve a rider’s efficiency, help prevent injury, reduce or eliminate aggravation of prevailing injuries and aches, prevent numbness at contact points and reduce rider fatigue.
Bike fit Derby studios have been set up in the UK and use state-of-the-art equipment to accurately measure rider motions ensuring a comfortable long ride. For your entire Bike fitting needs, we have Andy Brooke Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis. Andy has more than 15 years of competitive biking experience in road, track, mountain biking and triathlon.
His Bike Fit UK studio is accepted and promoted by the International Bike Fitting Institute,, Bike Science and many other bike fitting institutions. He has a master’s degree in cycling biomechanics and the time trial position, and is currently completing his PhD. This shows the level of commitment and dedication he has for Bike fitting.
About Andy Brooke Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis:
Andy Brooke Bike Fit & Cycling Analysis offers standard bike fit, advanced bike fit, discounts on group bookings and two-bike fits along with regular follow up of the rider and the bike. The follow-up bike fitting service is provided for just £75 for an hour, with other services costing separately depending upon the type of service rendered.
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Landon Donovan files for divorce from

United States soccer star Landon Donovan is lastly taking the next step in his divorce, that is. Even following separating from his wife Biance Kajlich back in 2009, Donovan nevertheless chose to blow a kiss her way throughout the FIFA World Cup this past summer even so, the two parties are now officially filing for divorce.
According to a few of the initial reports, it was Donovan who filed the papers, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the purpose for the split. The couple was initially married back in 2006, although they have no youngsters collectively.
For tv fans, Kajlich is best identified for her part on the CBS sitcom "Rules of Engagement," which will be coming to Thursday evening at midseason following "The Huge Bang Theory."
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