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When you are in need of caring and loving partners, the best online dating site service can be provided by us. We walk you through different steps in the search for your partner, be it women seeking men or women seeking women or vice versa. For everybody, there will be someone suitable, who can be found at our long list of members, transcending geographical boundaries. Becoming a member with HomeDatingNetwork and then seeking partners is quite an easy way to meet people, flirt with them, check their compatibility and finally settle down with a life partner. During the course of such meetings or when becoming a member at our portal, it is necessary to have certain questions answered, as it shows that you are actively involved in the endeavour that we have started for your benefit. In order to provide some information and get some answers, we have the follow frequently asked questions for your understanding and smooth operations of your membership account.


  • Am I going to meet people with adequate personal safety?

As far as possible, we have members give all their information to the best possible extent and hence, it is assured that the people, whom you meet at our online free dating site, are genuine and interested in developing a relationship or dating. But, thereafter, exchanging personal information can only be done with your responsibility as meetings, exchange of things and other interactions is under the discretion of the members.


  • Will I be able to report any untoward incidents?

Our aim is to develop healthy and long term relationships between people, who meet through our best online dating website. but, sometimes untoward incidents do occur and we will be able to sort out the problems, if this is reported to us through the ‘contact us’ menu, so that your problems are able to reach us in time for quickest possible action.


  • How can I know the people or profiles who have viewed me?

For paid subscriber members, we have the option of looking at those people, who have given hints at your profile. This can be seen in the profile page, giving you chance to check back the profiles, who have visited you.


  • Will I have men or women looking at my profile and chatting up for further information, without paying anything?

Since our HomeDatingNetwork portal is entirely free for dating, everyone can have the option of going for friendships through chat features. You can save your money to be spent on the partner, rather than paying for every little thing that is done in our top rated dating site.


  • Are there any special features to extend the relationships with people that I am interested in?

We have a host of features to share pictures, have video talk, share articles or other information at our site and this is the best part of the entire process. It is easier to find people as per your criteria and there are many interested men and women, who would like to have dating relationships with you.


There are a number of other questions which would be coming to your mind. Once you become members of our site, our customer support specialists will give you tips to pass through every stage and reach your partners, about whom you are not even aware. So, it is best to ask questions and get them answered quickly, finding the best partners in our free online dating service.